Water Leak Detector


Can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, or some other places close to water
pipes. The indicator light will keep blinking and users will receive warnings from the Family Portal App once leakage is detected.

A water leak sensor can also detect flooding from outside into the house.

*Gateway required

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Key Features

  • Working Temperature:-5~65℃
  • Working Humidity:≤95%RH
  • Non-Condensing Power Supply: button cell(CR2032)
  • Battery Life:>1year
  • Alarm Output: Low battery alarm, Trigger the alert, Tamper alarm
  • Temperature Accuracy:±0.5
  • Standby Current:<15uA
  • Material:ABS+PC
  • Wireless Protocol: ZIGBEE
  • Transmitted Power:20dBm
  • Receiving Sensitivity:-95dB
  • Wireless Distance:>500m(No obstructions)
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