Smart Door Lock


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Key Features

  • Supports fingerprint, password, IC card, key and many more.
  • Double Locking – Use this feature to prevent the lock from being unlocked from outside.
  • Anti Theft – Secure your home when your family is away. An alarm is set off when the lock is operated from inside; a sign of a thief trying to flee.
  • Mischief Prevention – After 5 failed entry attempts a warning sounds and the lock stops operating for 3 minutes.
  • Intrusion Alarm – If the door is opened while still locked an alarm will sound making the intruder less likely to stay.
  • Emergency Power – No battery; no problem. Simply use a 9V battery to power the lock from the outside panel and enter as usual.
  • Auto Locking – A physical sensor enables door to automatically lock after 3 seconds of being closed.
  • Low Battery Warning – Lock will play Fur Elise after every unlocking of the door.
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