Motion Sensor


Detect occupancy, light, and temperature. Based on Infrared pyrolysis probe technology.

*Gateway required

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Typically, used to monitor how often the client-

  • gets in/out of bed 
  • uses the toilet

Can be to placed in any room/area, indoor/outdoors (in a weather proof box. It is used to monitor a client’s activity and to collect data that can indicate potential accidents or other emergencies. It can be part of a security system and even be used to automate their home. For instance, they can set the light to turn on and off as people enter and leave the room. In addition, the temperature detector can be set to trigger smart thermostats or portable heaters.

Key features

  • Separate occupancy and alarm output (no false triggering)
  • Tamper protection
  • Light and temperature sensor
  • Wall, corner or ceiling mounting
  • 3 years+ battery life

Voltage range 2.3V-3.6V, Working current <40mA, Sleeping current <50μA, Detection angle Cone88°, Working temperature -10°C ~ +65°C, Working humidity <95%RH, Communication distance 100m, Human sensing distance >5m, Sensor type Infrared pyrolysis probe, Anti-static requirement Touch+/-6KV,Air discharge+/-12KV, Battery type AA x 2, 3V



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