Gas Leak Detector


Installed in kitchen to prevent residents from forgetting to turn off the gas and causing gas leakage. An alert is triggered when reading exceeds a set range.

*Gateway required

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Product Parameters

  • Working Temperature:-10~50℃
  • Working Humidity:≤95%RH,Non-Condensing
  • Material: ABS+PC Working Voltage: AC100V~240V
  • Alarm Volume:>75dB/1m
  • Alarming Level:6%LEL±3%LEL
  • Alarm Output: Trigger the alert, Tamper alarm
  • Standby Current: <10uA
  • Wireless Protocol: ZIGBEE HA1.2
  • Transmitted Power:20dBm
  • Wireless Distance:>500m(No obstructions)

ZigBee 3.0

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